Children are not “mini adults”. Therefore, it goes without saying that our approach to their health and diet is completely different than for adults. Our team is made up of dietitians who specialize in pediatric nutrition, many of whom trained at the St. Justine Children’s hospital. Having worked in ultra-specialized care environments, they are fully qualified to consult in general pediatric conditions as well as more complex cases at the clinical and developmental level. 

Insufficient weight gain? Nutritional advice related to a medical diagnosis? Challenging meal times? Your child constantly refuses to eat? Nutritional deficiencies? 

We can help!

Among our expertise: Anemia, growth retardation, overweight, autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, Familial hyperlipidemia, Vegetarianism/Veganism, Poor relationships with food and/or body image. 

We also work closely with other qualified pediatric health professionals such as pediatricians, speech therapists, psycho-educators, psychologists, and occupational therapists. 

Whether it’s to adapt your child’s diet to a particular condition or simply to reassure you about their intake, we are waiting for you!


To book an appointment with one of our nutritionists or to discuss a project, it's here !

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