Healthy lifestyle habits

We all eat several times a day, every day. Initially, a natural act, however over time, has become intellectualized and complicated by conflicting advice on various social media platforms. As such, it is not surprising that a lot of us have questions and doubts about our dietary habits. The best person to help you navigate through the surplus of information is a registered dietitian - a health professional you can trust to invest in, in the quest for well-being. 

  • Better understand your body weight, the concept of natural weight and why attempts to control weight are generally unsuccessful, not to mention, often harmful to physical and psychological health. 

  • Unravel all the information circulating online and get reliable recommendations regarding the food choices you make. 

  • Break free from restrictive diets, the notion of good vs. bad foods, calorie counting and guilt associated with eating. 

  • Make more room for foods from plant sources and learn to minimize your use of processed foods. 

  • Know what to eat to fully enjoy your sport and leisure activities. 

Our support is inspired by the principles of intuitive eating. This positive approach invites you to tune into your signals of hunger and satiety, respect your body, your taste preferences and your desires, and discover the pleasure and satisfaction of eating. The approach does not focus on weight loss, but instead focuses on the adoption of a healthy lifestyle, including changing eating attitudes and behaviours in the context of well-being. 

Our vision embraces the Health at Every Size paradigm. This movement, supported by science, encourages the implementation of concrete actions that bring beneficial effects on health regardless of weight. The changes you make may result in weight loss towards your natural weight, or, your body may not be able to support you at a different weight despite the changes made. 

Either way, you will most likely experience real benefits, and once you get a taste of those benefits, you won’t want them to stop. We take pleasure in cultivating healthy lifestyle habits.

Healthy lifestyle habits

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