Type 1 diabetes, a disease that goes beyond injections !

01 November 2021

Sweet november

It's November 1st! The first day of diabetes awareness month! I wrote a mini series of articles on the subject for the occasion! 

Yesterday, I posted my take on Halloween candy management. Check it out here if you're interested because I'm sure there's plenty of candy left over at your house this November 1st!

The Diabouette (first episode)

Type 1 diabetes, let's face it,c’est de la M…bouette. C’est de la bouette! That's the word I was looking for. Oh, good. But you can make something beautiful out of clay. Like statues of dumplings. Playing in clay if you're a kid or a dog, it's really fun. There are also masks made of clay. They take off the dead skin in your face. Amen to that. So let's boogie together.

Bouette #1 The skin pricks

When you have type 1 diabetes, insulin is non-negotiable. Sure! No brainer here. And insulin comes with pricks! 

Fingertips, syringes or pens, Freestyle, Dexcom, Guardian, or insulin pump systems. 

In short, there are pricks everywhere in this disease, cursed by holy water, sweetened with aspartame! 

Mais il y a aussi tous les maudits pics sur le bonheur et la joie de vivre!

They are a pain in the A**

Real stabs in the belly!

Bouette #2 Comments that stab the heart

"Ark, it disgusts me" - Our friends, our teachers, our colleagues when they see us pricking ourselves.

"It's not very hygienic" (My secondary 4 teacher)

"It turns me off" - The guy I was dating. Bye-bye there!

"This disease, is it because you ate a lot of chocolate when you were young? - I ate the equivalent of a Laura Secord truffle every time I went to the mall when we were young. That's once a month. Yes that's it, that's why (painful eyeroll here).

In a condescending tone: "What do you mean you have a hypo? You're not well controlled?" - Fellow health professionals. Yep, I'm well controlled. Well controlled means flirting with hypos, but sometimes you fall into the trap.

In a judgmental tone: "What do you mean you're hypo, didn't you have your snack?” - Other health professional co-workers. Mandatory snacks have been OUT since like 1999. You've reached your diabetes expiration date, sweetie! And the person replies "En-tu-kka" with a face that says you really don't know what you're talking about because SHE has been working in health care for a long time.

"I wouldn't be able to.” Yes, you would be able to or you would die! And quickly besides that!

“It's boring, you won't be able to eat this (___insert dessert items here___).”

"Yes I can. Watch me Charlie!"

"You're not fat though." That has nothing to do with it, my little, self-proclaimed health expert!

"You must be a type 2, t’es pas faite sur un frame de chat. My diabetes is not an invitation for you to talk to me about my looks, Ginette!

Bouette #3 You end up with 10 bosses who impose their vision of diabetes on you, and not all of them are kind in their way of saying business.

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